Episode 95 – Christmas Characters and Icons

Happy holidays! No matter which tradition you celebrate, there’s one thing that is universal – you’ll desperately need a reason to get away from your family before you murder someone. But there are also several things that are very specific to Christmas. So hang up the mistletoe and make a bowl of figgy pudding (actually, don’t), as we’re tackling Christmas icons and characters.

As the year comes to an end, we want to thank you for listening to our show. And if you want to give us a nice present, the No. 1 thing on our list is a review on iTunes, Stitcher or your other favorite pod listener. Or you can send us a lump of coal, via fax.

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Episode 43 – Must Have Christmas Toys

There’s no joy like waking up on Christmas morning to find out that Santa had brought you the perfect present; similarly, nothing is more disappointing than getting Go-Bots when all of your other friends got kick-ass Transformers, or being told that Santa “ran out” of Cabbage Patch Kids so you’ll have to settle for a Raggedy Ann.

With Christmas right around the corner, we look back at some of the hottest Must Have Christmas Toys of All-Time. Jeff’s made a list, he’s checking it twice…and yeah, Michael and Richard have been both naughty and nice.

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