Episode 62 – Time Travel Devices (with guest Paul Lurie)

When it comes to a road trip, sometimes it’s less about the destination and more about how you get there. But is this also true when it comes to time travel devices? Sure, you could just go into a plain room like in “12 Monkeys,” but where’s the sense of style with that? Let’s face it, driving a Delorean is cooler than going back to 1955 and having your mom try to get into your Calvin Kleins.

We explore the Rushmore of Time Travel Devices with the help of our good friend Paul Lurie, who suggested the topic. He is one of the best Duck Boat drivers in Boston, which means he knows a thing or two about cool forms of transportation. As far as we know, the Duck Boats aren’t time travel devices, though. Yet.

So join us for an episode that was prerecorded, which means it’s basically a time travel device right there. (And definitely not as cool as a Delorean.)

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Episode 36 – Fictional Elections

Boy, hasn’t this Presidential election been a blast! Wait, no, scratch that – it’s been a living hell. We might wish that it was fictional and it might seem like a bad dream, but it’s happening. So let’s blow off some steam and remind ourselves about some of the best Fictional Elections in history! This week, Michael and Richard debate the relevant issues of the day (i.e. whose Rushmore is better) while Jeff moderates and tries to keep the lies separated from the half-truths.

A big tip of the straw hat to Jennifer Skornik for suggesting the topic!

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