Episode 67 – Spoiler Alerts

SPOILER ALERT! No, that’s actually what we’re talking about in this episode. As social media becomes more ubiquitous – Facebook and Twitter feeds will be implanted straight into our eyes by 2025 – it’s harder to keep “shocking” twists shocking. You practically have to live like a hermit and NOT LOOK AT YOUR PHONE FOR HOURS if you don’t want those jerks on the East Coast to ruin all the fun of the “Riverdale” season finale.

So while we’re talking about Spoiler Alerts this week, we won’t spoil our choices (except for after the jump). Trust us: We wouldn’t dare ruin the surprise that Michael chose all spoilers from Korean soap opera as his picks. And definitely not the fact that Jeff is actually Richard’s father. That would just be awful.

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Episode 41 – TV Theme Songs

A TV show doesn’t have to have a memorable theme song to be known as great – but it sure helps.┬áThe right theme song makes an immediate connection with the show. From the first notes of the song, you know what to expect and, over time, it creates a Pavlovian reaction as you instinctively are ready to watch.

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