Episode 58 – Slobs vs. Snobs

The rivalry between slobs and snobs goes back to the earliest days of man. Ancient wall paintings tell us of Cro-Magnons, who were constantly annoyed by the loutish Neanderthals running around naked all day and banging their rocks all night while they were trying to make their advanced tools.

This week we explore the history of Slobs vs. Snobs in movies, sports and music. So, depending on your perspective, crack open a Busch Light or a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and enjoy!

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Episode 7: The Worst Kind of Snobs

So you think you’re too good to listen to this week’s episode? What a coincidence – it happens to be about people who also think they’re better than you. Michael, Richard and Jeff run down the most annoying snobs possible.

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