Episode 21: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water

No, we aren’t talking about the band that gave us “Dancing in September” and “Fantasy” – although they are pretty sweet. We’re talking about the four elements. It’s what makes up everything that’s around you. Well, technically, that’s molecules and protons and stuff. Who knows! We’re podcasters, not scientists. If you want that, go find Bill Nye.

Join us as Michael and Richard try to determine the four things that best describes each of the elements, and Jeff summons the spirits to make a ruling.


Richard’s Picks

Mud Wrestling (Earth)

Air Hockey (Wind):

“Great Balls of Fire” (Fire)

River Floats (Water)

Michael’s Picks

Mt. Everest (Earth)

Wind Farms (Wind):

The Human Torch (Fire)

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa (Water)

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